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Derived from the cartoon Blinky Bill. Blinky's have a body build with the stunning resemblance to E.T, dyed blond hair, the body language of a confused gay squirrel.

He enjoys being with his gf n doing other lame activities because he is a proud WOM. Blinky has no hair style even after the expensive extremely gay dyeing of his hair and use of a pink hair dryer. Blinkys like watching stupid dating shows on MTV and are always the first onto bandwagon in music and fashon. Blinkys are fluent in the languag of druek and nuerk. e.g "hav u seen druek black?" or "man druek that furking nuerk"
"hey mate u seen Michael Blinky Waters?, nah i think he with steph....WOMMMM!"
"hey where mike? oh blinkys blow drying his hair"
"blinky needs to get ready, giv him another hour. ok"
by OHOHOWND April 12, 2010
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