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Most commonly used to refer to fake or knock off Michael Kors products, including watches, handbags, and other accessories. Can also be used to refer to fake or knock off items in general.
Scumbag Steve-type guy: (Flashes "Michael Kors" watch in everyone's faces, bragging how he's rich and everyone else is poor)
Non-tool guy: (Has watch flashed in his face, but quickly realizes its a fake due to misspellings and other errors on the watch, *yells*) HEY EVERYONE, HE'S ROCKIN MICHAEL POORS!

Scumbag Steve-type guy: (Leaves, humiliated, driving away in his beat up ricemobile)

Foreign friend in town: Hey, let's go to canal street, I heard you can get great deals on designer brands!
You: Not so fast, buddy. All they sell you there is Michael Poors...
by TheTruthHurts666 February 08, 2014
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