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"Miami Girl" is a commonly used phrase that refers to girl students who attend (or graduated from) Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Miami of Ohio is known for not only outstanding education, beautiful campus, and epic parties, but also the reputation of the Miami Girl. Miami Girls are admired for somehow being able to look good even when making the "walk-of-shame" across Oxford, or going to class in sweat pants. Miami Girls are best known for being pretty, tan, well-dressed, and better than you. They can be marked by perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect skin, and impeccable style.
"I starting dating this new girl."
"Yeah? Is she hot?"
"Dude, she's a Miami Girl."
"You're a lucky bastard."
by MiamiofOhio November 28, 2009
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Rich white stuck up bitches. It’s all about your money and your daddy issues. Every miami girl has expensive brands which include- golden goose, one teaspoons, louis Vuitton bags, gucci shoes, and Cartier ring or bracelet. The miami girls are the shit, they live the life. During they week they attend there expensive private school and on the weekends they party, drink, smoke, hookup with guys and go out on boats with there friends. miami girls all care about what you look like, how much money you have, and what you own. It’s all worth it to be a miami girls because their the baddest bitches that no body fuck with!
Girl: have you seen miami girls?
Boy: yeah them bitches hot as fuck!
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by jesuschristilovehimalot November 13, 2019
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