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The Mike Price Element. (AKA "Element 119")

Developed by two bored high school students in their chemistry class, it has since been known to change everything. Created on the basis of Coach Mike Price of the University of Texas at El Paso football team, the Mike Price Element is the last element in the periodic table. With an atomic weight of 290, it is incredbily sturdy in key situations.

Mike Price has been involved in various shameful behaviors in his past. But has recently made up for them through public service ventures involving Ben and Rick as well as Gary, in explaining Unconventional Implementation of Technology.

With the help of Element 119, Mike Price moments can occur, or seemingly impossible changes and developments. If you want things to change, add MiPr.
Everything changes when you add the Mike Price Element.

Element 119 changes everything.

That was the Mike Price moment of today.

Brent loves to use MiPr.
by Mr. "Di" October 16, 2007
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