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she is the best friend any one could have!! she can be a bit shy when you first meet her, but then you get to know her and she is anything but! she is so pretty, but doesn't know it she has a good body and guy always are wanting to make her their's. she is super nice. she doesn't always give easy to follow advise, but when you understand it it would be the best advise someone could give you. she knows when things need to be said and when not too. she is polite, but if you become an enemy she is not one to easily forgive you, if you deserve to be forgiving
girl: what should i wear on the first day of school?
Meysling: wear what you want to wear and it doesn't matter its only the first day of school
girl: on the first day of school you always should wear your best cloths
Meysling: i just wear something comfortable that day like any day at school
by honey bee princess July 14, 2012
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