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Mexico + Holic = Mexiholic.
One who is *NOT* Mexican, but has an INTENSE obsession with Mexican culture(Food, people, clothing, music, the like...).

-Generally do exceptionally well in Spanish class, out of pure enthusiasm.
-Prefer you refer to them as Senor/Senorita/Senora.
-Have atleast 1/3 of their music as Pop-Latino.
-Set their iPod in Spanish.
-Do not speak in English. They use Spanglish(Spanish + English).
-Love to eat extremely spicy traditional Mexican cuisine, despite their palettes not being able to tolerate the flavor.
-Plan to name their kids Spanish names.
-Would rather watch "Go, Diego, Go!" than Family Guy or American Idol.
-Would rather see a live Mariachi Band concert than a Green Day or Kanye West concert.
-Add tildes and accent marks on school notes, OUTSIDE of Spanish class.
-Watch channel 195, or MTVtres. (Latino MTV)
-Look forward to Spanish class.
-Will kick your ass if you say anything...ANYTHING which insults Hispanics in any way.
-Own atleast 5 serapes.
-Vow to own a pet chihuahua when they grow up.
-Have seen the movie "Desperado" multiple times.
-Plan to get the symbol in the center of the Mexican flag(with the eagle eating the snake on the cactus)tattooed on one day.
-Roll their R's unintentionally in everyday sentences.
-Secretly like the illegal immigration crisis.
-Believe Spanish>French, when it comes to romantic-sounding value.
-Own more Pesos than American money.
-Will not have sweet sixteens. They will have Quinceaneras.
Charlotte is such a Mexiholic. After downloading all of Reik's albums to her Spanish iPod, buying her tenth Rebelde poster, and hanging out with her boyfriend, Alejandro, she went to the pet store to get her own chihuahua.
by Yukie March 13, 2009
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