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Where traditional firing squads assure the death of the captive, a Mexican Firing Squad is different. It is a strategic blunder, mistake, ill concieved plan, or it can be planned by an itiod in where the prisoner is surrounded by troops with weapons ready to fire, but the armed party is in a circle.

If you do not see where this causes the problem read on or you might find yourself in one someday; a circle is good for ring-around-the-rosey and for pioneers to circle wagons to shoot away from, but to fire in a circle means that a few bullets will go outside of the circle eventually and most likely hit somone on the other end.
The bank robber got away the second time when the Texas State Troopers formed a Mexican Firing Squad and killed eath other letting the 2-bit hood escape.
by santos miguelito September 21, 2006
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