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A deviant sexual act, involving a Mexican all-you-can-eat buffet, and a male partner.

To perform this act, one partner consumes all he/she can eat at the aforementioned buffet. Then, the partner must make him/herself vomit, and aim said vomit onto a male partner's scrotum/balls. The vomiting partner must then re-consume the vomit by either licking it or eating it off the man's balls.
This sexual act is widely practiced in Mexico, and is a central part of what a boy must do to become a man, in an age-old ceremony known as the Ceremonia de la Lamida des Bolas, or the Ceremony of the Licking of Balls.
Carlos didn't enjoy the Mexican Bean Feast he had to perform on his Uncle Ramon, but Uncle Ramon had told he would become a man if he did so
by captainspastic July 17, 2011
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