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Observed disorder of human anatomy is a chronic condition known as Mexican Baby Hair (AKA MBH). MBH is a genetic disease that is not fully understood however it is predominantly seen in Mexican babies. MBH can be seen at the top of the human forehead where the first follicles appear as thin wispy strands immediately preceding the more traditional tuft of human hair. Although both male and female Mexican babies can inherit this disease, it is believed that 95% of recorded examples appear in female Mexican babies. Some astute scientists have argued that this disease should be renamed Female Mexican Baby Hair, however the acronym FMBH happens to be frequently used ghetto slang which stands for "F*** my
bodily health" which most feel would be highly confusing to certain ghetto communities. Therefore, MBH is the most widely accepted acronym for this disease. While the vast majority of those afflicted are actual Mexican babies, there are some Caucasian women who also suffer from this strange condition. If you meet a women suspected of having MBH, you may want closely inspect the area or perhaps ask her kindly to lift the front area of her hair for confirmation. Some unfortunate rumors have led to the belief that this condition is contagious. It is not. Some rural communities still believe this condition is contagious and have taken drastic steps to curb the spread by isolating the victims and
even imprisoning them.
Hanna Ruth has Mexican Baby Hair (MBH) and should be jailed.
I saw a dirty homeless person hiding his Mexican Baby Hair (MBH) with a beanie.
by Collin Ryan Ruth September 21, 2011
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