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When someone ejaculates onto a pile of pubic hair and dandruff everyday for a year. The resulting pile will be festering with maggots and fungus. The person then carefully takes the pile and shoved it into a corpses rectum, as to provide a dank moist environment for the maggots and the fungus to grow. After a week the person will have someone jump onto the corpses stomach forcing the feculent fluid, containing maggots, embalming fluids, intestines, rot, and fermented semen into the persons mouth. The person will then spit into a persons vagina, usually someone with gangrene, who will then let it set in a jar for another week. Then, the person will attempt to drink the mixture.
Person one: I hope hell is hot enough for anyone who attempts to preform Mexican Jenkum.
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by my dad is NOTCH!!! August 05, 2018
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