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A Mexican Triangle is a when you don't have the time, energy or motivation for a shower or to bath so instead you freshen up by first cleaning your armpits followed by cleaning your genitals. Moving from one pit to the other then ending at the genitals forms the shape of a triangle.
Jackie: Hurry we'll be late!

Ricky: I can't go like this I just got in from work and I reek.

Jackie: Just take a Mexican Triangle and let's get out of here.

Ricky: Yes! Genius!
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by Culo Blanco December 02, 2018
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In the UK, when three cars pull up to a three exited mini roundabout simultaneously, everyone has to give way to the car on the right thus resulting in all three cars remaining stationary wondering who should go first. Usually ended by the more confident of the three saying "sod it, me first".
John, Lisa and bob arrived at the forest road mini roundabout at the same time and was locked momentarily in a mexican triangle until lisa (who was in a hurry) decided to go first.
by Spoons McPhearson December 17, 2009
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