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When one sexual partner adds salt to their respective partner's nipples, places a shot of quality tequila between the nipples, and puts a wedge of lime in their partners mouth. The 1st sexual partner then proceeds to lick the salt off of each nipple, take the shot of tequila, and suck the lime without using any hands.
Ted: Jill, you know I love you and I've always cared about you.
Jill: You know I feel the same way about you. *She blushes and covers her face*

Ted: *Ted exhales as he musters up the courage* Babe I can’t imagine doing this with anyone but you. I want you to be my first.
Jill: Your first what?
Ted: Mexican motorboat. *As he pours a shot of Jose Cuervo*
by Big Dick Swag January 14, 2015
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