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When the chick is lying on her back on top of the guy's stomach (guy is on his back as well), then the guy fucks her from behind but flips his dick over her crotch and into her forbidden zone in a hook motion.
Bitch 1: Oh my god, sex with Chris was unbelievable..

Bitch 2: Aww damnnn girllll, how was it??
Bitch 1: That nigga knows how to treat a girl & he knows so much shit, I liked the Mexican Hookshot. He invented it, ya dig?
Bitch 2: Girl, I gotta get me some fine ass up in this joint so Ima try dat shit, hoe. But first, Ima run to the 7-11 for some rubbers hoe, peace up.
by Chris "The Impact" February 01, 2010
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