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A sex move in which a male, presumably naked, starts 30 feet away, behind a woman, also presumably naked. He then runs directly at the woman brandishing his genitalia and plows into the woman, signifying a bulldozer crashing into something.

Alternatively, a person performing this could have a friend hold the woman up and as you plow her, have him/her spin the woman around in circles, symbolizing a milkshake maker.

This is considered inhumane in almost every country and is a felony is both America and England, so you may only perform this move in Mexico, legally at least.
Jill: Hey Samantha, wanna come hang out later?
Samantha: No sorry, Brad just performed the Mexican Bulldozer Milkshake Supreme on me and I'm sore.
Jill: You do know that's illegal here right?
by DJsaladman June 22, 2018
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