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When male Mexican only gets off on Asian chicks (or guys). Depending on the person, he may eventually screw enough Asians (or never get any) that his condition worsens and starts speaking strange Asian-sounding words, such as: "Bing-bong-boy," "Chink," and "Konichiwa."
Efrain (MexiAsian Obsession victim): "¿Quieres mierda unos a otros de los sesos?" (Do you want to fuck each other's brains out?)

JapBoy:"Never with you limp dick."

Efrain: "醤油! 乳房ファック! Chink! Bing Bong Boy! 私は燃えるような同性愛者です!"
by Ineeta Crotchfellow July 05, 2011
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