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Chicano term for those wangsters who "claim" to be in a gang such as SUR13, 18THSTREET etc. yet wear glittery edhardy shirts on the weekdays, but when its time to party they wear Cowboy hats. and drive loud annoying Honda Civics full of stickers that say Guadalajara or Nayarit or the virgin mary. They are normaly over weight with gelled hair. They are Douch bags.They Think they are "Firme" But they are Gross, and will fuck anything with a skirt and a pulse (pulse optional).
Dam.. This "Mexi-Badazzeler" wears more glitter then mi hefa.

Mexi-bedazzeler: Hola Mija, your looking Firme

Mamasita: Eww, you wear more glitter then I do.

Mexi-bedazzeler: Your Ugly any ways Stupid Perra.
(as he drives off in his beat up honda civic)

Mamasita: you would never see me with a Mexi-bedazzeler.
by Mari2Dicks September 24, 2010
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