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Riding on the Washington, D.C. Metro (underground, subway) while not holding onto anything, hence giving the sensation that you are "surfing" in the car on the tracks, trying to stay upright while the car twists and turns.

Source: my friend Tara, who lives in DC, introduced me to this term.

Metro surfing becomes that much funnier to watch when people have been drinking.
by Holly G February 08, 2007
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A term used to describe the sport of standing, with feet planted, on the D.C. Metro while it is moving, trying to avoid falling.
1) No touching the chairs, bars, or anything else
2) No using other people as support
3) You feet must remain planted
4) One round last from stop to stop

Any breaking of the rules results in an out. If you are out, you can't participate in the game again until the next stop
There are really random turns on the Metro! My friend and I almost fell down, while Metro Surfing but somehow, survived! After ten stops, I hadn't fallen over yet, and won!
by Kitkatrh June 10, 2012
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