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A Methuen Girl is a girl that lives in Methuen,Massachusetts who typically wears tight PINK Victoria Secret yoga pants, black eyeliner on the top and bottom of her eyes, tons of mascara,and pin straight hair. Her favorite accessories are her Blackberry Curve, UGGS, and a cigarette (Preferably Newports). She spends her Friday Nights on the top bench at a Methuen Football game wearing the jersey that she wore earlier during school, her Saturdays at a party in someone's basement, and Sundays sleeping. Don't mess with a Methuen girl or they will probably complain about it on Facebook.
Guy:Man that girl is mad dope.

Guy#2:Nah she is such a Methuen Girl.
by 42020202020 September 29, 2011
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A girl that can be one of two things:
1.) The most amazing, sexiest piece of gold you'll ever get. A complete daisy duke.

2.) The sluttiest, bitchiest gold digger you know, who smoke marijuana and likes to fight smaller girls in order to look cool.
1.) Megan Foxx is incredible. She could be a methuen girl.

2.) Bret: That girl looks like a slut. I think imma try her

DJ: Yo, stay away from her, she's a class two methuen girl.
by 420@420@420 November 11, 2011
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