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Meterman is a superhero who goes around feeding parking meters and saving people from costly parking tickets. Troy Griffin created Meterman for his Cable Access TV Show Random Insanity in 2000. Since Meterman's inception he has been featured in newspapers and TV News Broadcasts in Chapel Hill NC, Cincinnati OH, and Los Angeles CA. Meterman can still be found on the streets of Los Angeles saving tickets and he says his mission is to "Save citizens time, money and frustration by feeding expired parking meters and saving tickets.

-The Meter Maid is the arch nemesis to Meterman and has even written him tickets for his good deeds!
A Superhero in black tights and a red cape swooped down and put a quarter in my meter just seconds before that bitch ass meter maid wrote me a ticket. I exclaimed "Thank you Meterman" as I laughed in the meter maid's sorry ass face!
by troyster68 December 13, 2009
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