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The observation of both science and spiritualism. an agreement that the laws of physics enter the plane of the spiritual through the metaphysic realms. These realms can be scientifically observed, and monitored. This is an individual of this way of thought. Sometimes in old history refer to as "The Way" or "The Path". The realm of thought between fantasy and science, like the doctors of the middle ages. Looked upon as evil doers, as they stole bodies for dissection, which was only to better understand the science.
Johnathan observed the stars in both the physical sense, as well as the the events revealed through random astrologies, as he was a Metaphyst.

The Metaphyst drew a prescise image that would reveal passage of time and space, as perceieved from the mundane world. He was a man of religious conviction, as well as that of science.
by Nabolshia April 12, 2011
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