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When you're watching an old movie and it makes references to an even earlier time. Future viewers may feel the same way about some of our movies.
Bob and Alice watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit;
Alice: This movie was made in the 80s but it has the look of the 40s.
Bob: That's metanostalgia. In the 80s people could still remember the 40s so they felt nostalgic for it.
by Luke B August 20, 2013
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(1) The feeling you get when you feel nostalgic for a show or movie centered around nostaliga. i.e. nostalgia for That 70's show, Angry Video Game Nerd, Happy Days, The Wonder Years, A Christmas Story, etc.

(2) A nostalgic feeling for a time when you were nostaligizing.
Man, I feel metanostalgia watching that Angry Video Game Nerd video from 2004. It reminds me of the good old days of the internet before youtube fucked everything up and eveyone started making clickbait shit.
by lowmax June 23, 2017
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