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1.Drummer Lars Ulrich and lead singer James Hetfeild of heavy metal group Metallica, presented in a short cartoon by Camp Chaos ( as police officers who hunt Napster users attempting to steel their music. (2000)

One of several "Napster Bad" cartoons which portray the members of Metallica as unintelligent, greedy, and technologically incompetent and pawns of the recording industry. Arguably, the truly greedy parties in this ordeal were Napster users themselves who wanted something (copyrighted music) for nothing (free).

No millionaires (or their finances) were harmed in this dilemma, all are still filthy rich.

2. (based on the above definition) Individuals who exhibit a hilariously delusional perceived position of authority. A very silly vigilante.
1.If you download sanitarium.mp3 with your Napster machine over the interweb, the Metallicops will come to your house and slap you silly.

2.Josh hand cuffed me for eating cold pizza with a spoon, he is such a Metallicop. Who does he think he is? The pizza police?
by TomDubya January 19, 2007
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