A person who like the band Metallica because they think the band is cool and probably not because they have real interest in metal. Being one of the only mainstream metal bands lately, many fags call themselves Metallica fans and listen to their new stuff, not knowing the real Metallica died in 1991.

Disliking Iron Maiden, Megadeth and other pop bands also gives bonus points
I love Quebec Magnetic very much. I'm a metallica fan now. Woot.
by ZeroCored June 18, 2014
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A Fan who loves all of Metallica's albums and songs. This fan, young or old, has stuck with the band through thick and thin. Even though people think that they sold out, they really didnt. Just changed up their music is all, all great bands do it.
Metallica hater: Im a metallica fan. But Metallica sold out after Load.
True Metallica fan: Youre not a true metallica fan.
by chizzythetwig July 25, 2011
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