The heavy metal forum is found on sites such as VampireFreaks, Ultimate Guitar Tabs, GaiaOnline, and other social or music sites. You can expect many Metal Elitists and emo teenagers within these walls.

The emo kids start topics about Bullet For My Valentine or Slipknot and talk about other emo shitty bands. These kids are usually spat on and booted from the mods.
The Elitists tell those kids to fuck off and die. All while talking about their shitty underground black metal bands. Any bands they don't like are considered not metal. Any band with more than 10,000 fans are considered sell-outs and mainstream.
Fights always break out between the two sides, with the Emo usually throwing the "It's my Opinion" and "Freedom of Speech" arguments, and the elitist using the "No, it's a fact that (band) is SHIT" argument.
Typical Metal Forum Scenario

14-Year old in a Recommendation Thread: Check out these bands!
Job for a Cowboy
Bullet for my Valentine
Five Finger Death Punch

Elitist: I'd rather have cancer and AIDS simultaneously than to listen to that shit.
*shitstorm ensues*
by Wasabimoto October 29, 2011
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