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The superiority one feels when they post a status on Facebook complaining about how bad other statuses are.

Whilst such a meta-status often attracts many likes because many people agree, it is becoming an increasingly popular trend for people who think that they are clearly better than those who post depressing and emotional statuses onto Facebook.

Such statuses are known to often contain the words "emo", "depressing", "life story" and "stop complaining". May also contain other Facebook elements such as 'likes' or 'inboxing'.
A real life, copy pasted example of a meta-status: "I do not come on Facebook to read your diary or your life story, nor do I come on here to read your pointless statuses every half an hour and NO I don't want to like for a like or an inbox.. Give it a rest!" Here, the user clearly feels a sense of meta-status superiority.
by Alexander and Zozimus December 06, 2011
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