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"Meta-" Greek preposition, commonly used in English as a prefix, of the same name which refers to that which is 'above' or 'beyond'; self-referential in nature +

"Slang" Words and/or phrases that are oftentimes more than not regarded as very informal in everyday conversation use

Noun: Refers to slang that is used in a particular way or context such that, the use of said slang itself in turn refers another piece of slang.

or simply put: Slang about slang

- Meta-slang is most oftentimes slang used as a word, acronym, phrase, action, or expression which itself refers to another piece of slang (that is similar in nature), which in turn (by definition of "slang") refers to a word, phrase, action or expression that is usually deemed unconventional or not proper/respectable in everyday, general public conversation when other such sufficient, knowable expressions or words could easily suffice respectively.

- Often used in witty, cunning, comedic, and/or unintentional purposes and contexts.

Ex) HAM: A slang acronym in English that stands for the expression "Hard As a Motherfucker". In turn, the expression "Hard as a Motherfucker" is oftentimes used as slang to refer to 'someone who puts a great deal of effort, energy, or passion into a given action or situation.' Therefore, the use of HAM can be then be viewed as an example of meta-slang.
John: "Dude, where were you last night? Brad was going HAM on this hot ass thot at the club the entire time! Later that night, he was sending me snaps of him banging her brains out!"

Adam: "Damn....that was some sick ass meta-slang you just dropped right there."

John: "What the hell is wrong with you man?! Were you even listening to me?!?"
by HIPV4512 September 30, 2016
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