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1. Mestas: A person who is a Mestas is an all right person. All right meaning that they will be your best friend in the world until you piss them off then they will beat you into the floor.

2. Mestas: A loud mouth trainer who goes the incredible extra mile for his people and keeps us all out of trouble.

3. Mestas: Charismatic, charming and sexy with the deepest eyes and insight you could ever imagine.

4. Mestas: A man who has been to jail or in trouble with the law.

5. Mestas: Someone who has more than one child and casually aknowledges them on occasion.

6. Mestas: Someone who is doubted and then proves your assumptions wrong when they blow your mind.

7: Mestas: Someone who will never back down, ever not from anyone or anywhere.

8: Mestas: another term for drunk.

9: Mestas: a man with a dick that can satisfy any woman. Someone who has the motto "Get fixed and fuck em all"
"Shit man, I am not scared. I'm a Mestas."

"Man, don't you know I am a Mestas?"

"Damn, you know that ain't my baby, I'm a Mestas"

by Tranqui Bubba April 03, 2009
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