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When a Mexican amigo (lawn worker) woos you into the back of his 1992 camaro to rape you violently in the ass using gasoline as a lubricant and then proceeds to shit on your back and massage it in with his feet and/or penis in no particular order.
Patrick Swayze: So, Gertrude, what were you up to last night? You look distressed and smell of fear, gasoline, and shit.

Gertrude: Well, Patrick, I'm glad you asked. I was walking home from the gynocologist and I was feeling rather fresh. This lawn worker presented himself to me naked and dragged me into his 1992 camaro.

Patrick Swayze: Please! Go on!

Gertrude: Thanks Patrick. Well he performed a terrifying "Messy Muchacho" that left me speechless and incredibly violated.

Patrick Swayze: Would you recommend this "Messy Muchacho" that you speak so fondly of?

Gertrude: Um...Patrick, I was brutally raped. Nothing about that was fond. Why do you mock such a sensitive subject?

Patrick Swayze: Because I have nothing better to do than imagine you greased up in gasoline.
by team raunchy prostitute August 21, 2008
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