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A person (usually a female or a flaming male) that persists on commenting on every single poster that is currently logged in. This person typically has excellent typing skills, chugs coffee or energy drinks, pretends to have a life outside the cyberworld and acts as a politically correct person. There is no way of getting away from these types of people while logged in as they silently lurk, watching you post and then strike at the most oppurtune moment to break you down. Message board whores ramble on constantly and make pages of the message boards fly by worse than a slot machine.
Jim: Hi all! How's everyone doing today?

cloggergirl: Hi Jim! I'll bet you been a naughty boy after what I read last night. I just got done planting my tulips hee hee. Have you seen Honey1234? She and I are best pals! What's for dinner tonight? Oh my I'll BRB. Okay I'm back. Oh phone call! Okay back. Are you still here? Hello? ggghhh!

Jim: Fuck you silly bitch! Message board whore

cloggergirl: WAHHHHHHHHHH! What did I do?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
by Mrs Patooty June 09, 2009
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