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Meseret is a Smart and beautiful thicc girl. She will always lend you something you need and is a better drawer than anyone else in the world. She will support your decisions. She is most likely to steal your man (or woman). Meseret is confident in singing, and is hella good at it. She always holds your hand when you need someone and will always be a shoulder you can lean on. Literally! She has piercing brown eyes that make you're heart melt and thick black hair that always looks amazing. Meseret is someone who will always be there, when no one else would be. She may be depressed, but she's hella good at hiding it, so you need to be a good damn friend to her and let her cry on your shoulder and you better listen to every damn word she says, because she always has something amazing to say. She is the most hilarious person you will ever meet.
Meseret= the best damn thing to happen in your life. If you don't know Meseret, you have no life.
by Breath taking March 20, 2017
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