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Unlike the good police officers in police stations around the country the Mesa police got a name for harassing individuals in order to get them to break mentally from harassment and commit a crime. The official policy of the aviation unit is to "prevent crimes." They are proactive which just means they use their power to intimidate. The Mesa aviation can be found in the air or on the internet. They apparently post items on Youtube to make fun of a suspect in order to get them to do something rash.
"Three officers in the Mesaavie are completing orwellian deads."

"That is a Mesaavie. Don't question him or he will follow you everywhere."

"That Mesaavie followed my daughter and shined a blinding spotlight in the drivers window to make her crash."

"These are decent police officers; not the Mesaavie"
by Fred Freid November 12, 2007
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