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1. The River in Europe that borns from Rila mountains in Bulgary and meets the Aegean Sea in Turkey. Known as its beauty. It also floods almost every spring.
2. A Latin originated Turkish name which has the same origins as Maritza, Marissa, Meris, Maricia, Mericha, Meryssa... Given to both male and female but it's originally a female name. It means "the one that belongs to the sea." It's pronounced as Mer-itch.

From my experiences I've had from living for almost 8 years in Turkey, I can tell you those:

Meriç is a charismatic and cool name. And it's also pretty uncommon for both male and women.
It's often given by rich and elite people as names to their babies.
Males named Meriç are often clubbers. (trust me, I've seen enough.)
Females named Meriç are %100 so very beautiful! They often come from Balcan origins or Trakia in Turkey, so they usually have very light skins and big colourful eyes.
That girl named Meriç was such a Turkish delight!
by jaydendylan September 20, 2011
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Seen as an unusual name in the West, the typically male name Meric is seen more in European countries. Meric's are predominantly "alpha's" or prefer small groups. Some are quite friendly, and although attractive, are wary of intimate relationships, and rare are the Meric's that are social animals. More commonly the same pronounciation of the name Meric is spelled as "Merik" , "Marick" and even "Marik". Although it still pronounced the same, the female version is typically the"Merrick" surname.
Meric, Hursut is a skilled soccer midfielder from the Netherlands.
by JanuaryLass March 03, 2013
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