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Mercer Island is a weird abnormal island. It is quite dense and is not like other tropical islands. It is creepy beyond belief, haunted, and disappears at night.

Most people in this eastside suburb of Seattle claim to be Jewish, but they are actually Christian and Mormon converts. Almost everyone gets stoned every hour, and dress real lame for all the money they got. There is organic pot, oxycodone, hashish and Manischewitz, with 55% alcohol.

If you ain't a convert to judaism they totally dump you and won't even talk to you and try to get you run off the island. If you are not Ashkenazi and are Sephardic they totally call you black, like they don't know history.

Watch out whities, they will come and convert you.

Everything is closed on Friday and Saturday, but pot is still available. Get your fix at Walgreen's.
Mercer Island Eastside is so Mormon/Christian/Cultic and then transforms to Jew converted. The fastest way to become a Jew is to give your wallet, and tomorrow you'll have an aryan last name, even if you hate Hitler. No Arab's welcome.
by Islander Canvas February 23, 2010
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