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A homosexual male that is usually of Mexican or other hispanic decent, and must pick oranges for a living. Some Mercendes' like to manage things like teams, or clubs, and like to have certain people in their teams that are not legit, so they can carry their dead weight. A Mercendes also likes to steal other peoples names to look OG. Mercendes' also like to represent garbage ass clubs/teams that were never good for example "The best soccer team is the CaGEd Birds!!!!11" A Mercendes also likes to imagine girls that he imaginarly dates
Wow dude, we just got fucked over for the win in soccer. He's such a Mercendes!!

Wtf dude, that guy is using his hands in soccer, what a Mercendes!!

John: Who the fuck is that in my backyard picking oranges?

Amy: OH thats just a Mercendes!!

John: Why the fuck is he wearing a sombrero.

by iownnoobs March 13, 2007
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