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"Mental Arts" or "Ithilya" are scientific teachings which mainly aim to increase the knowledge of physics as well as the intellectual abilities of its students. These teachings contain several different disciplines of science (especially animal instincts, emotions and modern physics) and unificates them into one more complex entity. This causes mental artists to develop a higher form of visual imagination and understanding of the Universe as it is seen in modern physics and get a feeling of the way it behaves. The other teaching of Mental Arts is the teaching of instincts and comes along with a deep understanding of the nature of life forms and their instincts and emotions. Through many years, mental artists strive to develop the ability to control and possibly even reconfigure their instincts to change the way they experience emotions. This goal though is never reached in the majority of cases, but it still has the effect of a tremendous increase in the students’ intellectual abilities.
Mental Arts was developed in the 90s by a group of highly gifted young men from Germany whereas most of them were gifted in physics. It may not be a well known art since only a few people are asked to join the group; but it has become a myth.
by Bariaska (mental artist) June 19, 2006
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