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That thing, you know that thing, where a man makes a woman explain something simple instead of looking it up for himself. Usually to waste her time or try to distract her from the offensive comments he's making. After the original "menquisition" the man will usually continue to waste your time for as long as humanly possible. If you attempt to stop the menquisition by telling him "google is free" he will react with full blown rage and/or ask why you have to be so mean.

Short hand for "belonging to a system that is so used to putting the emotional/intellectual/caregiving etc. work on others that have to do more for less that they don't even acknowledge how this forces someone to stop their life and work harder just for their convenience"
"Another Chad tried to corner me at work to ask what RSVP meant on that last email. I had way too much work to do to deal with him but he just flipped out. Total menquisition."

"A guy found out that I like wrestling. Out of nowhere he starts asking me to explain what a Luchador is. I was not expecting the Spanish Menquisition"
by teamrude June 06, 2017
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