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Beware Menopauzilla. A seemingly harmless creature by sight, Menopauzilla can be set off at any time, known to go into crying fits of hysterical rage, striking fear in all that surround it, especially females who left a cup on the table, tried to cook, or, god forbid, left a microscopic black spec on the otherwise sparkling clean stove top. Proceed with caution when near Menopauzilla, or avoid the beast altogether and just go out and drink, which, Menopauzilla will judge you for, and also have you know that it causes BREAST CANCER, because she read it in Woman's World, a $1.29 newsprint publication widely revered by Menopauzillas everywhere.
I was just gonna stay in tonight, but Menopauzilla is on the loose again, so let's go get drunk and subsequently get Breast Cancer.
by Shay ron October 18, 2011
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