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A combination of Menopause and the Napolean Complex. Symptoms include short bursts of angry nonsense, undeserved amounts of ego and all the bad kinds of high horsery, overinflated sense of self worth with interludes of feverish rash-causing onslaughts of sweat, which is, consequently, irrigated from the vaginal region (secretions). Recovery is however, around 87%, though, some find the later symptoms much more emotionally trying. For example, exhaustion to the effect of a good rhino-fucking, You're-Gonna-Wish-You-Had-Irritable-Bowel-Syndrome Syndrome, the hatred of all things Lemon, intense need for Lucky Strikes- lit with Strike Anywhere Matches, while calling yourself Strike.

All these and more, further funding for research is still pending.
"She sucked me off while we were standing, then hit me and called me a little pussy, i love her, but her menapolean complex is outta control."
by SarastaQ March 08, 2010
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