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Menace Mafia is an American underground hip hop group founded in Houston, Texas. The North side hood of Houston in Acres Homes. Band members are Bentley Coupe Nu and Molly Je$u$. The group name "Menace Mafia" in real life speaks for both individuals.
"Have you heard that new Menace Mafia album?"
by OMG713 June 17, 2016
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A gang founded in the mid west, more specifically Lincoln, Nebraska. Often represented through typical hunting colors (camo, dark green, brown, hunters orange) The members are known for "raising hell", thus the name menace. They often mark theyr'e "territory" with the numbers 13 2, M being the thirteenth letter of the alphabet, the two means two "m's"
"Don't fuck with menace mafia or you gon get fucked up"
by Country Brown May 04, 2010
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