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A podunk town full of tools who all have a superiority complex for some unfathomable reason. In reality these people should have no pride at all because EVERYBODY is better than them. The sports teams suck, but the jocks are arrogant twats regardless. The junior high and high school are one shitty conglomerate in a consolidated building. 95% of the kids at MHS are likely the result of perpetual inbreeding, which explains their inability to comprehend the written, or spoken word. They say that the first car was built here, but that's probably just a lie that the historical society made up so people would think we're important (it didn't work anyway). The only fun things to do in Memphis involve destroying other peoples' property. The water tower looks like a big, stupid lollypop. There is an annual festival that is centered around ducks. Just as I think that this town cannot possibly get any stupider, something else happens, like a Blues Festival or something lame like that. I am deeply ashamed to have grown up in this town. That old guy makes some bitchin' ice cream though.
1. Memphis, MI is like a plate that had shit on it at one time. You can wash the plate over, and over again, but the plate still had shit on it.

2. Everyone in Memphis can bite me.

3. Being burned alive is more tolerable than speaking to one of Memphis' denizens for even a few seconds.
by The HZA March 01, 2010
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