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A game played when smoking a joint with 2 or more people.
The person who starts takes a drag and then says a 'random word'. They take another then pass the joint. The reciever of the joint takes a drag and repeats the word the first person said aswell as adding his own 'random word'. He then takes another drag and passes it to the next person. This third person must take a drag and repeat both of the random words that were said, in order aswell as adding his own random word. He then takes another drag and passes the joint. The list of words gets longer and harder to remember as the game goes on, and the people playing get more stoned, adding to the fun of the game.
Stoner1: (toke) ''dragon'' (toke)
Stoner2: (toke) ''dragon, grenade'' (toke)
Stoner3: (toke) ''dragon, grenade, penis'' (toke)
Stoner4: (toke) ''dragon, grenade, penis, kush'' (toke)
Stoner1: (toke) ''dragon, grenade, penis, kush, wizard'' (toke)
by jappy jappy jappy January 09, 2011
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