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An intense form of combat designed to swiftly take down enemy forces in meme warfare.

Utilized by Kekistan in WVI (the 2084 one, not the 3427 one), it is their use against the Russians that popularized the tactic, as the Russians were quickly taken down because their memes were only used by the low-life plebeian normies. Kekistan, however, managed to get all the memelords to meet in one single place to discuss the use of their most powerful tactic, memekrieg.

Armed with weaponized autism and with deadly memes created by the memelords themselves, the Russians were no match for them, with massive portions of the Russian empire being taken by Kekistan. Their capital, an impenetrable fortress by all right, had to be destroyed through use of memekrieg, followed by the mutual agreement of the memelords to use the god's insult against the capital, ending the war, and leaving no one to fight against Kekistan's eventual world domination, and much later on, galactic domination.
Normie: *sends picture of memelord with hitler mustache*
Memelord: If it's war you want, plebeian.
Memelord: *begins memekrieg and sends 362 memes about the normie being a normie*
Normie: *pulls a france, puts up their white flag, and then implodes*
by bloodlet May 14, 2018
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