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Meme Busting is the act of interrupting or otherwise ruining another person's attempt at photographing or videoing themselves performing a stupid online meme.

The idea with any good meme bust is to have it videoed or photographed in a way that captures the reaction of the victim and the person taking their video or picture or any near by people if that person is using their own cam on auto.

Common online memes and ways to bust them:


(when busting a planker this is called "planking spanking")

Ways to bust Planking:

Spank the planker with a paddle or blunt object

Yell at them

Throw water on them

Blow an air horn

*Dance mob

(when busting this meme it is called "busting a move")

Ways to bust a dance mob:

Nude streaking through the dance mob

Pretend you are in the dance mob with another person but start to Lumbata or Dagger (both erotic dances) through the dance mob with your partner. You must do this in a way so as to convince anyone watching that what you are doing is actually part of the dance mob.

MIME through the dance mob

*Rick rolling and other photo or vid memes
(When busting these it is called bust rolling)
For these it depends on the buster's own imagination but the idea is to interrupt or disarm the meme and get a reaction.
I just did some awesome meme busting on this dumb dance mob they tried in grand central.
by Mr. SnowmanPants July 26, 2011
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