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A member of an underground club or group. Someone who gets hooked up.
-How did he get in to this event? I thought it was sold out!
-He must be a fuckin' membo.
by stymiesitup December 01, 2014
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The act or process of pushing your cock down and under the rim of the toilet seat to urinate when you have a hard-on. If you push too far down, the head of your dick gets soaked in the toilet bowl, unless of course you are not very well endowed. Then, there is also the splash-back factor of hitting the nearby toilet bowl slope. It can be used as a verb, a noun or an adjective.
An all purpose invective, pejorative and slightly derogatory term:

β€˜He’s a fukkin membo’ i.e. somebody who is a shoved-down dick head. As in β€˜Yo is a membo (embo) mothafukka’
by doug April 08, 2003
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