When a person has a horrible experience/injury and either talks about it over and over again or blames all of his/her faults on it for months after it happened. Either way, he/she makes way too big a deal out of the traumatic experience.
Man 1: I swear, I feel bad for that girl who had a nasty concussion after that car accident, but now, every time she loses her temper, she just blames that accident for it.
Man 2: I know, she's so melotraumatic.

Friend 1: Dude, I can never date any woman again after my last girlfriend cheated on me with my brother.
Friend 2: Hey, man, I know that what she did was wrong, but you have to get over her. That was like 11 months ago.
Friend 1: You don't understand, she hurt me deeply-
Friend 2: Dude, stop being so melotraumatic.
by balladofthedarkangel April 16, 2011
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