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A show or movie so full of bro-lingo, bro-filled plot devices, and bro-based scenarios that it reaches a point where no un-bro could possibly relate to the broishness going down on screen.

The viewer can be lost in minutes based on the amount of melobroma on display. A viewers tolerance to melobromatic entertainment is based on the actual content of bro they exude in real life.

Disagreements over the amount of melobroma on display usually end when one party is called a 'Fag'
I used to like Entourage, but it's gotten way too melobromatic for my tastes

Franklin and Bash may be the most melobromatic thing I've ever seen in my life. I think if I watched 5 more minutes, I was going to experience a superbrova
by kahnvex July 24, 2011
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