A person who loves, praises and worships Super Smash Bros. Melee till the day they die. Most often these type of people refuse to give credit or even play the other Smash games because of reasons such as "no wavedashing", "it's too slow", "you can't shine spike", and other reasons that prevent them from enjoying the other games. They make it clear that Melee is "the only true experience of Smash" for how broken the system is. They can't accept playing more stable, proper systems of Smash, and when they do play the other games, they generally blame their skill on the fact that there is no wavedashing.
Person 1: "Hey would you like to play some Smash 4 or Brawl?"
Person 2: "Ew why would I play those games? They don't have wavedashing and dash dancing isn't the same! They're not even as fast! Those games are for filthy casuals!"
Person 1: "Oh so you're a Meleefag..." filthy casuals Brawl
by Gilgabob September 2, 2015
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