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Melbourne Bangers is an type of music played mostly in Melbourne clubs/underground party scene.
It is usually played extremely loud and has extremely loud bass.
It is generally regarded as music for people getting high on heroin/meth and these two mixed usually
creates violent people with the crazy drops and juiced up mentality.

This mix also created a dance known as the juicy wiggle, which is now a common dance performed by

chicks getting high to Melbourne Bangers.
The most well known Melbourne Bangers artist is Will Sparks.
Dude 1: Hey dude whats the lyrics to that Melbourne Bangers song called Melbourne Sound?
Dude 2:

Melbourne sound we aint fucking around, fuck these radio tracks, see we keep it underground
coz work these days has us feeling like shit, but its all worthwhile when the weekends's like this.
See man im off guard running em up lady lovin, the saturday never sober at carova.
Weekend coming close, coming to an end, where the fuck am i heading? heading to revs.
Its melbourne best scene on the earth, best sound, sluts, drugs and we living it first.
Turn it down, no cunt. you better turn it up. and if they try to turn it off, tell em get fucked
Tuesday can be better and Wednesdays goodbye, Thursday can't wait and Friday's tonight
So fuck work, fuck their mixing of the music, listen to the srop and FUCKING LOSE IT!
Dude 1: oh yeah that's right
by lacesflyonline July 23, 2013
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