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The opposite of albsexual. An attraction to black or dark skinned people. This attraction varies from person to person and whether or not it is a preference or a necessity. If it is a preference then it means that if one were to take interest in another person whom is not light skinned, then it is also because that person is willing to love another with a kind heart, even if he/she may have the opposite physical trait to this preference. *PLEASE NOTE: This does NOT in any way mean that one is racist. Just because a straight person or a gay person finds a specific gender attractive, does that make them sexist? No, it just depends on one's characteristic and personality.*
I'm melansexual but it's a preference, not a necessity because if a light skinned person with a kind heart asked me out, I would gratefully accept this request.
by SimplyDeliciousWhiteChocolate January 17, 2017
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