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Mehrazul is the coolest person you’ll ever met this dude will make you geek so hard until you shit yourself, he’s also loyal and smart as hell he can treat any girl like princess he also got the drip as well
Damn bruh I wish I was Mehrazul.
Mehrazul helped me pull this hot girl at my school.
My clout isn’t even big enough to be Mehrazul.
by DMVBoyz November 23, 2018
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Mehrazul is a state of mind in which a person tries to impersonate someone soo much that his/her personality alters. Most people who are mehrazul are people who are failing life and wanting attention.
Oh shit man! That guy is acting like a mehrazul because he is bad at gaming! I am gonna inform his mum and dad before he becomes a dropkick and a loner.
by 1Wrongfulguy June 12, 2018
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